ENT: Otolaryngology is the shortened term for Otorhinolaryngology or Ear, Nose & Throat.  The unique and special skills of ENT specialists enable us to diagnosis and treat the interrelated areas of the head and neck region.  A special residency was created which includes years of both intensive medical and surgical experience in the field after finishing medical school, internship and further general surgery training.  It is no coincidence that for other than easily solved Ear, Nose and Throat problems your doctor often refers you to us.

Did You Know?  Otolaryngology is the oldest medical specialty in the United States.*

ALLERGIES:  Our environment abounds in countless foreign proteins such as pollen or animal dander which you may come in contact with and be sensitized to at any time throughout your life.  Some of these allergies you can grow out of over time and some you can't.  Some are so severe that life-threatening complications can occur as a result.  We will help you to understand which are which and what can be done to resolve your suffering.

Did You Know?  Hypersensitivity to ragweed, not hay is the primary cause of seasonal allergic rhinitis in 75% of all Americans who suffer from this seasonal disorder.*

VERTIGO: Vertigo is a symptom characterized by the feeling that either you or your visual field is in motion. Sometimes, the symptom of inner ear dysfunction can manifest itself more subtly as feeling off-balance or dizzy. Older people may fall as a result of losing their balance which can lead to life-threatening complications such as a hip fracture.  Persistent symptoms of vertigo, tinnitus (ringing in the ear), or hearing loss can be a sign of a serious ear infection or of a tumor called an acoustic neuroma which causes any or all of these three symptoms by pressing on the eighth cranial nerve (the nerve for both hearing and balance).  Our unique specialized testing can help determine what side the problem is on and whether the problem is in the inner ear or in the connections of the eighth cranial nerve to the brainstem.  The Otolaryngologist is best equipped to explore th e symptom of vertigo. 

Did You Know?  Nearly 36 million Americans suffer from tinnitus or head noises.*


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If you are experiencing any symptoms related to your Ears, Nose and Throat or relating to your allergies, you should contact a specialist.  We have included some links below as a resource for people who are interested in learning more about the conditions that we treat at ENT Los Angeles.