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Welcome to ENT Los Angeles

We offer our patients a wide variety of medical services.  This includes diagnosis and treatment of all types of Ear, Nose & Throat problems.  Do you need to be desensitized to your allergies?  We provide a comprehensive array of treatments for your allergies.  Are you interested in the latest advances in digital hearing technology?  Come and see us!  Are you plagued by dizziness or being off-balance or unsteady while you are walking?   Are you tired of not being able to breathe out of your nose?  Do you feel like there is always something draining down your throat?  Don't suffer any longer by giving us a call today!
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ear, hearing loss, hearing problems
We will thoroughly evaluate all of your ear complaints so that you understand what can be done to resolve them.  We will discuss whether you can benefit from a hearing aid and what is the best fit for your type of hearing loss.
nose, breathe, can't breathe
We will find out why you cannot breathe normally out of your nose and tell you how we can help fix your problem.

throat, sore, voice, snoring
What's wrong with your voice?  How can you reduce your snoring at night? We'll tell you!

allergies, allergy specialist, allergic
Allergy and Immunotherapy
Do you want to know what you're allergic to?  We use the latest techniques to diagnosis and treat your allergies.

dizzy, vertigo, off balance, inner ear
Dizzy, Vertigo &
Off-Balance Issues
Do you have an inner ear problem?  
Our Electro-nystagmography (ENG) testing can help address and solve your problem.