We offer a wide variety of medical services to our patients with respect to the diagnosis and treatment of all types of ear, nose & throat problems.

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ENT Los Angeles evaluates and treats both adults and children who are experiencing ear pain/infections, ringing/tinnitus, dizziness/vertigo and hearing loss among other maladies that affect your ears.  Our expertise includes state of the art digital hearing aid technology and what is the best fit for your type of hearing loss.  
ENT Los Angeles treats adults and children who suffer from stuffy noses and sinus infections.  Sinus headaches, smell and taste disturbances, and nosebleeds are a few of the numerous symptoms with which flexible nasopharyngoscopy used in our office helps diagnosis and treat.
ENT Los Angeles treats adults and children who have problems such as throat infections, snoring and/ or sleep apnea, and singing/voice disorders. Laryngitis and vocal disorders can be diagnosed using office flexible laryngoscopy and treated with appropriate medications and voice-saving techniques.
Allergy and Immunotherapy:
ENT Los Angeles employs the latest methods of in vivo and in vitro testing in order to diagnose and treat both seasonal and perennial allergies. Elimination diets can be fashioned to help the appropriate patients lose weight and boost their immune system.
Dizziness / Off- Balance / Vertigo
ENT Los Angeles uses state of the art Electronystagmography (ENG) testing in order to determine where the problem is and whether further diagnostic imaging is indicated. Vestibular rehabilitation is offered at our clinic as one method to help resolve your problem based on your ENG findings.